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Terms of Reference

Click here to read the Review's Terms of Reference (PDF, 346kb) or HTML.

Garnaut Climate Change Review Reports

Technical appendices to the Final Report of the Garnaut Climate Change Review

The following seven papers provide further information about the methologies, assumptions and results of the modelling undertaken by the Garnaut Climate Change Review.

Commissioned papers

The Garnaut Climate Change Review commissioned several reports on areas of study relevant to the Terms of Reference.
Click here to read the reports commissioned by the Review.

Background papers

Discussion and Issues papers

Between August 2007 and April 2008, the Garnaut Climate Change Review invited interested stakeholders to respond to a the Review’s Interim Report, as well as a series of Issues Papers that were designed to stimulate targeted public discussion on some of the most critical issues for climate change mitigation in Australia.

Case studies prepared by the states and territories

The following section contains case studies prepared by various state and territory government bodies which have been generously contributed to the Garnaut Review online resource library. These contributions serve to highlight successful local practices and ways in which Australian communities are already positively addressing the impacts of climate change.

Public submissions

The Garnaut Climate Change Review conducted a public submissions process between August 2007 and April 2008. The submissions report provides a qualitative overview of the body of submissions received by the Review during this period:

To read individual submissions, please refer to the full list of public submissions received by the Review.

Media releases

Public events

Public lectures




16 October 2008


Garnaut Climate Change Review Final Report book launch.

Transcript of comments by Professor Ross Garnaut RG on the implications of the financial crisis for climate change mitigation (PDF, 60kb)

3 October 2008


CEDA Address by Professor Ross Garnaut: ‘Australia as a low-emissions economy’

At this event, which followed the release of the Final Report, Professor Garnaut outlined the shape of a future low-emissions economy for Australia.

Listen to Professor Garnaut's CEDA address (MP3, 5.17MB).

Listen to the question & answer session (MP3, 8.59MB)

Listen to The Hon. Bob Hawke's vote of thanks (PDF, 1.37MB)

Read the transcript of Professor Garnaut's CEDA address, Q and A, and vote of thanks by The Hon. Bob Hawke (PDF, 514kb).

30 September 2008

Parliament House, Canberra

Release of the Garnaut Climate Change Review Final Report

Read the Final Report

Listen to Professor Garnaut's Final Report address and press conference (MP3, 27.9MB)

Transcript of Final Report release address and press conference by Professor Garnaut (PDF, 440kb)

5 September 2008

National Press Club, Canberra

Launch of the Targets and Trajectories Supplementary Draft Report at the National Press Club.

Transcript of address by Professor Garnaut (PDF, 451kb) to the National Press Club, Friday 5 September 2008.

Download the Supplementary Draft Report - Targets and trajectories - 5 September 2008: (PDF, 1.76MB) or HTML.

Read the Media Release (PDF, 350kb)

3 September 2008

Parliament House, Canberra

The Crawford Fund's Annual Development Conference

Climate Change and the Agricultural Mutation

Podcast of speech now available. Click here to download (mp3, 14.14mb)

4 July 2008

National Press Club, Canberra

Garnaut Climate Change Review Draft Report release, Friday 4 July 2008

Transcript of Professor Garnaut's Draft Report release address (PDF, 535kb)

Download the Draft Report

5 June 2008

ANU, Coombs Lecture Theatre, Canberra

H W Arndt Lecture 'Measuring the immeasureable - the costs and benefits of climate change mitigation' (PDF, 150kb)

Podcast of speech available for download

7 May 2008

Organised by NSW Government.
Parliament House, Sydney

Address to the Clean Coal Summit (PDF, 111kb)

4 April 2008

Parliament House, Melbourne

Address to Victorian Climate Change Summit transcript (PDF, 75kb)

View video interview with Prof Garnaut at the Summit

3 April 2008

Organised by the Social Justice Initiative, University of Melbourne.

Keynote address to Climate Change and Social Justice Conference (PDF, 121kb)

27 March 2008

Organised by Melbourne Institute and The Australian

Gala dinner address to Economic and Social Outlook Conference, 'New Agenda for Prosperity' (PDF, 81kb)

26 March 2008

Hosted by CEDA.
Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney

Emissions Trading Scheme Discussion Paper briefing
Audio file

Transcript (PDF, 93kb)

20 February 2008

Adelaide Convention Centre

Requirements for effective international action - Australia's role (424kb)

29 November 2007

ANU, Canberra

Will climate change bring an end to the Platinum Age (PDF 121kb)

Draft Report public forums



Audio recording

7 July 2008


Download Perth public forum podcast now. (mp3, 21MB, 1hr 29mins)

8 July 2008


Download Adelaide public forum podcast now (mp3, 21.4MB, 1hr 31mins)

9 July 2008


Download Melbourne public forum podcast now. (mp3, 35MB, 1hr 25mins)

10 July 2008


Download Sydney public forum podcast now. (mp3, 10.3MB, 1hr 28mins)

11 July 2008


Download Brisbane public forum podcast now. (mp3, 22.3MB, 1hr 35mins)

Specialist public forums




17 Aug 2007


Forum 1: Land management, agriculture and forestry
Issues paper 1 (PDF, 137kb)

31 Oct 2007


Forum 2: Financial services for managing Risk: Climate change and carbon trading
Issues paper 2 (PDF, 100kb)

14 Nov 2007


Forum 3: Climate change: What is the science telling us? Is there a need for new emissions scenarios?
Issue paper 3 (PDF, 273kb)

10 Dec 2007


Forum 4: Research and development - Low emissions energy technologies
Issues paper 4 (PDF, 176kb)

19 Feb 2008


Forum 5: Transport, planning and the built environment
Issues paper 5 (PDF, 129kb)

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